Friday, July 23, 2010

89 yr old in 29 yr old body.

Because I'm assuming you're wanting to know how the 2nd hip doc went...
Well today's appt with Dr. Adickes (dude who is the ortho for the Rockets, in the past the UFL, etc.) went well. That guy knows somethin'! Thank God too, b/c I was getting perturbed at limping in vain!
He thinks that in High School I could have popped my labral muscle-i.e. hip flexor- and that in all the years since I could have a labral tear. Which might require surgery.
Yes. Hip surgery and eye cataract/dislocation surgery. For real.
Bummer rats!
First I have to have an artherogram MRI next week- Wed. They will shoot die and anesthetic into the hip- which might help determine a diagnosis- to see if there is a tear there. We have to go to the med center (not a problem- we might need directions =SARCASM) to see his guy. I really felt good about working with this guy. Plus he had 2 students with him, which is always a good sign. If they are teaching it, they love it right!?

SO blesshvhchchhh...
Meanwhile, it is pain-to-the-ful right now. The Chinese girls are probably all mad they got a "gimp" parent.
John is probably too!
Leelah's just glad she has a leapster.
She's got Princess PRep next week- thank goodness!
love you all. thanks for praying. please let me know how I can pray for you! and DO NOT DO THE SPLITS IF YOU CAN HELP IT!!
Now Eye Update...
I have my "big guns surgery" for the right eye on Aug. 4th- lensectomy and lens implant- sew in place. Please would you pray for no infection and that the lens would hold in place and behave!!

Good grief.
Can I tell you though, I have God given peace and it is all good. HOwever, consequently I'm praying for the rapture. No pressure or anything.

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