Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Broken Hip- For the reals.

Yeah, fun visit today! First I had a crazy injection that hurt like a wilderbeast in an area- all up in my hip. That was just unpleasant. This was by the way to inject dye and anesthetic- which didn't help ease the crazy pain. First Clue.

Then after getting the MRI of the hip done, I engulfed a reese's peanut butter cup and motrin= snack.

THen went to Dr. Adickes. And learned:
I have been walking on a stress fractured hip for almost a year. WHAT THE WHAT WHATAKINS????!!!!!! I told him politely that he couldn't mean me, Gillian, but that surely he was refering to Joan a couple of rooms down. He had first asked again for clarity- how long I'd been having pain. I told him since I guessed Oct.'09. Then he asked how long I'd been using crutches- oh since Sunday. He then said, "you have a stress fracture in your femural neck." It is almost completely broken. YIKESATHON. Ouch. No stinkin' wonder.

Reasons? Possibly from having a hysterectomy, lactose intolerant, no calcium, etc. Boniva here I come! (Thanks TIna)

So I have to be on crutches for 6 weeks, then no activity for 6 more weeks.

Oh and I am having my big guns eye surgery in the right eye next Wednesday- just a friendly reminder.

I HAVE A CATARACT AND A BROKEN HIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(laughing out loud crazily!!:?!)

So. Just to recap. The doc was impressed that I'd been haasing it up for a while on a stress fractured hip. I told him, "I'm a mom!" I now have to go get workup for my bones. I'm tellin' you!!!! But I'm so thankful that this was not completely broken all the way through- he said it was very close and that the more pain means the worse the breaking. And I'd been feeling A LOT OF PAIN. HOuse of pain. The students, radiologist and the doc were all shaking their heads about how long this has been going on. Craziness.

At this point I'm hoping I won't have to have screws put in and I need prayer for the hip bone to heal!! Oh and throw the eye surgeries in there too.

THanks Friends!
yours truly,
Hot Mess

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Anonymous said...

Dear Hot Mess,
You are God's chosen hot mess and he's got you in his strong hand. I am praying for healing all around!
Love, your MDF