Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My hip bones connected to my, uh no-thing!

Thanks for your prayers. Yesterday was so so tiring. But I'm thankful that we live in a city that has such a superior medical center all just a drive away.
I saw Dr. Lewis- flubber smart guy, Dr. Hamill- cheeky eye surgeon, and new internal doc Dr. Whiteley.

My father in law helped me get around the entire day- so so blessed!
Dr. Whiteley had me do a blood test for some things. She said she's confident there's no tumor on the bone b/c the MRI would have shown that. She is leaning towards me having osteoporosis- which you just take meds for. Can I just implore you to get some Vitamin D happening in your life? I did not take this seriously. Especially if you are post-hysterectomy. Do it.
I have to have a bone density test some time soon. If all these tests
do not produce answers, then I will have to go to a bone specialist.
I can't tell you how much I've felt your prayers. THank you so much.
God has got my back (and my hip and my eyes!).
We are still waiting to hear about my surgery time for tomorrow- I had to have them move me around so we could say a proper goodbye to Rose and Daisy. So possibly around 12:00 tomorrow.
Thanks my dear ones!

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