Friday, June 4, 2010

It worked!

Writing with my left eye's newfound vision! Praise the Lord! So had the procedure yesterday complete with a crazy-almost-torture-y contact suction cup stuck to the eye to keep it from blinking, which caused major pain afterwards. Once I got the refresh gel- best drops ever- it was feeling better. Then at around 8:00 I went down the hall and noticed how bright the lights in our home were. I asked John if he had switched lightbulbs and he said no. Then I went back into our bedroom, again major brightness everywhere. That's when I realized- HEY MY LEFT EYE IS WORKING! Or at least it's clear!!!! Whoop! John finally understood why I kept saying how dark our home was and why I constantly opened up the blinds in every room to let the light in. Now I'm all fancylike with one clear eye. I really do not know what I will do when both of the eyes are completely fixed. Probably cry, shoot I'm crying now!

It's just amazing. It's comparable to adjusting the brightness and contrast on your computer monitor. THat's the best way I can describe it. Now all I have to do is get my prescription changed again and then I can really start seeing out with it. I return to Dr. Yeu(know it) on the 14th. So thankful! Boy was I a hot mess prior to the surgery though... Yikes. Major praying sesh in waiting room.

Now I just got to get the right eye's cataract and lens fixed, but I know God's timing will be best for that.


Kendra said...

Praising God with you my friend! So, so glad to hear! Lots of love!

Amy H. said...

I'm about to cry!! I'm just overwhelmed with happiness for you and gratitude to the Lord right now. You are such an encouragement. I hope we can hang out again next time I get to visit Tina.