Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Eyes have it!

Or should I say, have HAD it!

The newest development in my eyes-saga is that the right eye is rapidly worsening. We all knew this day would come when the cataract would close in and the lens would dislocate further, but its happening sooner than I thought. Hello Gillian ever heard of God's timing?!!

Last week we got a BOGO deal at the Baylor Eye Clinic- 2 docs for the price of one. Dr. Yeu dropped the d-bomb in front of Leelah after I told her my right eye is drifting and acting all sorts of cruddy. She then apologized and left for a long time to bring in Dr. Hamill. Then I just straight up got moved back to Dr. Hamill- just like that. Tossed around like a salad. Dr. Hamill then saw me (quicker than ever I might add!) and he got puzzled too. He was acting a lot more serious then usual which disturbed and relieved me all at once. Then they decided they would have to all 3 meet with Dr. Lewis (genius doc) to have "a conversation about where to go next with my eyes." I took this as a blessing that I have a team working on it and went home to wait for a call back from Dr. H. I got it yesterday morning.

"SO we have all talked and have a gameplan." Great! Key word I enjoy hearing: "gameplan" was used! He said they are leaving the left eye (sucksworth) alone as they feel it has gotten to as good as it can get corrected 20-35/40 on with glasses (which I'm still waiting on to come in). Okay. I am happy with leaving the left eye alone. Then he said, we need to operate on the right eye.

And so it begins...

My right eye (champion) is really acting up because surprise! I have freakish small pupils - pinhead sized - and if anything, i.e. cataract, comes in the way then my vision goes south asap. Which is happening. Which concerns me somewhat. Thank the Lord for the Lord and His Word! I'm clinging and could always cling more to it. So I go to see Dr. Hamill as Dr. Yeu has dumped me - well not really- back into his charge. I feel good about this b/c he is the guy that did the first 5 surgeries including the big guns one that is coming up for the right eye. I see him on July 20th to set up the surgery date for the right- the lensectomy and the lens implant. This is where he will basically sew a new lens in place and you better believe me when I type- with teeth gritting- IT WILL BE ANCHORED IN PLACE. We're not playin' that game of loosey-goosey lens. I've already brought it up to all 3 docs. I will have to have the vitreous doc on hand during the surgery in case anything detaches- retina- for emergency fixing.

I'm thinking this "big gun" surgery will go down in August. And hopefully not anytime sooner as July is and will always be full every year from now on. If it's anything like the left eye's it will be brutal to recover from, but hey at least it's not my first rodeo but 9th! Plus, the medical margarita- y'all know I'm a fan! I hope to not see everything in yellow and upside down for 2 wks, but it's possible to be like that again. Also prayers for no endopthalmitis again.... Eeehhh... I will also be patch-fabulous for a good while I imagine. THank God for my bedazzled patch! It's the little things.


Tina said...

You are a champion of positivity (if that's a word). Praying for you!

Lesly said...

Oh Friend! I'm thankful for the gameplan and that they are working together to "fix" your eye. Praying