Monday, June 21, 2010

Did I miss a pig flying?

Obviously there was some sort of swine flight, because my cool friend, Jami, over at the Miller Big Top Circus thinks my blog is worthy of a Trendy Treehouse blog award:
The Trendy Treehouse

Well, I think Jami's blog is one of the realest adventure in mommyhood tellings on the world wide web. It puts me at ease to read through her hilarious tales, no-baloney transparency, and homegirl can gourmet cook too! I still make that Chicken Crock Pot dinner. In fact, through her blog recipes I got brave enough to buy my first ever cooking wine bottle from HEB. It was a little embarrassing to ask some sommelier where the white cooking wine was, but now that I know how droolingly good it makes my food I'm all over it!! So thanks Jami for the shout-out. The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to reach others in His name through my eye-issues and I just try to do Him justice.

So I have to divvy/divy/divie? out 5 awards to blogs I find "trendy". I so rarely use that word, 'trendy'. It kind of bothers me to be trendy. But I get the gist(did I spell that right? too lazy to look up!). So here's the rules if you are chosen:
"To receive this award, promise to share this with 5 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too.•Post about your award in your blog.•List your Top 5 Trendy Blogs.•Share with them.•Leave a link to the Trendy Blog Button.•Tell them they need to give this award out to 5 as well".
Java with Jennifer:
A fellow sight-impaired, but sight-healed friend and hero of mine.

Living Proof Ministries - i.e. Beth Moore's blog. Well, doy! Is it
safe to say she's got a direct line to Jesus? Pretty great indeed.

Ruffles and Stuff: It's official. I'm craft-obsessed with this blog. I have tried numerous Disney's tutorials and they are all easy and so cute. My friends also love her blog and feel as if we know her- she is that nice! Sweet person, sweet blog.

Totally Tots GREAT homeschooling/kids craft site. It rocks. I love the
Christian emphasis and viewpoint and the sharing of their vast amount of printables, lessons, lapbooks, book rec's, toy rec's, etc. is just beyond helpful!

All my frlogs- or friend's blogs! I'm blessed with friends such as these. Can't pick one! If Frank's Hot Sauce had a blog though, I would definitely award that blog one. I cannot stop... Using... Frank's Hot Sauce... So good. What have you done to me Emily H.!?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!???


Kelley said...

So glad you stopped by my nutty blog! I ABSOLUTELY feel the same way about Mario! I would keep my sister up for hours back in the day because I would the Nintendo was kept in her room. I was obsessed!! And Mr. PAC-Man is nowhere CLOSE to the Ms.! Are they married? Why didn't she go by "Mrs."? Hmmm...

Kelley said...

And I love Jami's blog, too!

Disney said...

Thank you SO much! You are so sweet, those compliments mean so much :o) I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog!
God bless you guys!!