Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tabletop 2010!

Last night was the famous Tabletop Tapestry at our church. The sanctuary is filled with 130-150 tables of 8 women/table and the tables are knock-you-socks-off gorgeous! I have attended 4 times.
This time and last year I decorated my own table. Thankfully, I had help from Randi- THANKS RANDI!!!!- I could NOT have done it without you sweet friend! There were also a lot of donators of heels, purses, pink, green, etc- thanks for your help too! And I had a lunch delivery from Tina- phew as I was getting "Hangry- hungry+angry". As well as Lesly and Stephanie for helping me cast a vision! Our theme was Psalm 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
THe pink, black and white table was sort of an all things glitz, glam and gussied up! I had to throw Mr. Saturday Night in there (i.e. the 7ft tall Pink Flamingo I got from an antiques store many years ago). Of course he stole the show! And a life lesson I learned "Ribbons make everything better". Note the ribbon placemats- take an ugly placemat and sew a whole mess of cute ribbon on it! All your problems are solved!

The green, black and white table was heels and purses! Does it get any better? Oh and I did end up having the 2 white plates that are missing in the pic. Apparently, I never learned to count.

Will I ever do 2 tables again. It's not likely. As it took us 2 whole days to set up. But the speaker was fabulous! The food was divine and the fellowship was the best part! So glad my sis and mom in love got to join me for the evening. I didn't get any human pics. I was too beyond to bring my camera to the actual event. Just the set up.

Here are some of my faves- which actually won the prizes!
These are real 50's inspired cakes!!!

And my sweet and talented friend Lesly's table: IT's as beautiful as she!

And my other favorite Bible Study Class the Higher Definition's tables:

Missing the luau one for some strange reason- it was super cute!!!

And other faves that stole my heart!!:

Just looking at these tables makes my body tired. What a bunch of talented ladies!!

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Callie said...

YAY!! Thank you SO MUCH for posting these! I feel like I was there, and I am going to pretend that this post was just for me :)! Love you friend!!