Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sock Hop and a Post, Post Op

What joy!!! Does it get any better than a Dads and Dolls Sock Hop? Our church put on this precious event last Friday for all the little girls 3 - 6 yrs old and their daddies. It was to-die-for cute! Ice cream served by classic old-timey fountain hops, glitter time with the older girls, hula hoops, dancing, and fun! Plus, they got to take a pic next to a pink Cadillac- how cool is that? And make bottlecap necklaces and the cutest little message board. I was in tears of joy when she came home (moms not allowed-i.e. pedicure time at home!) and she was non-stop chattering about the fun she had with her dad and of course her sweet buddy in crime, Rebecca! In case you were not wondering, I made her bubble-gum poodle skirt. I had to get some color on there since she picked out dark blue. I shouldn't have let her choose the color. So I made a bubble gum applique with polka dot fabric and wonder under and felt. All with one eye mind you!

That Friday afternoon we had to jet home from the post,post op asap- well after gorgeing ourselves at the Chocolate Bar on University. OH MAMA was that goodness!!! We all 3 got ice cream. So yeah, Leelah had 2 ice cream servings in one day. Yikes.
The post, post op went well.
Dr. Yeu (know it) was overjoyed at how stable it looked on her end. Now me, I'm still not seeing clearly out of it- stupid half drop of blood dissolve already! Get this, Dr. Hamill- doc I switched from- came in and admitted to John, Leelah and I how he was wrong! Whoa. Awkward. I just sat there thinking WWJD? So I just was quiet. But that was nice of him to concede to the lady! YOU GO GIRL!
So procedure number 7 has been set- May 14 next YAG laser. Then, clarity we pray. Oh man would that be nice. I have to admit, sadly I did see the left eye wiggle a little yesterday. Drats! Hoping that was just the blood droplet messing with things and not the lens dropping yet again. I think God gave me googly eyes by mistake. Like the craft ones that jiggle. "Here, use these for her eyes from Gabriel's art project. He won't miss them."

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Your lasst sentence is my favorite!!!