Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Orleans: Food Trip 2010

the fabulous food trip 2010: New Orleans.
Guys we as stated in my last post we tore up N.O. with the Vining Family and we had a Cajun Food-a-thon in extreme proportions. Sure our cover was the National War World II Museum which was awe-inspiring and knowledge enriching and the New Orleans Zoo which was FANTASTICally better than the Houston Zoo- hate to admit. But make no mistake we came to eat. Cajun Style.
Food Stop One: Beignets ("French Doughnuts" aka all I ever want for breakfast now) at Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter:

Holy Sugar! That was divine!
Oh wait back up- there was the stop the previous night we landed in Metorie- spelling?- Thanks Nathan Hinkle for the rec to- Acme House. All I got to say was it was SO good we went back and hit it up again on our way out for some more Jambalaya and "Boo Fries"- Fries covered in cheese and get this, Roast Beef Gravy- I know don't hate me! These fries were so stinkin' good we almost had a Hatfields and McCoy thing going on over them! Boy Howdy!
Stop Two: Hot Diggity Dawg- French Quarter after the WWII museum.
Note that there were not any hot dog pics due to the fact that if I were to have taken a pic of them you might think it to be lewd... Needless to say they were boiled and NOT good looking. I think it was actual dog. But that's okay because we were ready to pig out for dinner.

No we did NOT attempt to walk down Bourbon Street. I have been traveling to NOLA since I was little on the way to Disney World. So I knew this was not an ideal street for our families to hit up. We did however drive through it since somebody wanted to see what all the fuss was about... Let me just say, they have special mannequins we just don't have in Katy Mills Mall!
Stop Three: Just get me a Redfish @ Oceana on the corner of Bourbon St and I forgot?
Ahh jeez. Does it get any better than Redfish? Okay, some foodie is all "yeah actually it does" but I'll never know so hush it! And yes, I got some more jambalaya. Are you seeing a theme?
Next day. The New Orleans Zoo.
This was the most prestine, stink-free, chock full of animal zoo I've ever been to. It was GREAT! Highly recommend!!! The girls got to pet: a bearded dragon, a hedgehog, a rat, and a goat.

Thank you Vining Family for letting us hitch along!!! You dat!


Tina said...

Who dat? Me dat, you dat, we dat! Awesome trip! Lots of laughter, fun, and, oh yeah, food. Beware of the "boo fries". Oh so delicious but watch out because they sneak up on you in the middle of the night. HA!

Lesly said...

Looks like y'all had a fab time! Great Pics!!