Monday, April 19, 2010

Eye'm Tired

Thank you so much for your treasured prayers! They were felt this past Thursday as I underwent eye surgery no. 6! Hey you've got to be proud, right? THe prayers were needed and felt, particularly the hungryness issue. I didn't feel that hungry prior.

The doc said the surgery went really well. My sight doesn't show it at this point as a drop of blood has hindered me from seeing anything. It's all freaky-deaky-microscopic looking at this point. The doc said it did need to be stabilized since all my zonules (little strings holding lens in place) had weakened, thus the wobbling. So she sutured in another anchoring point this time on the right side of the lens in the left eye.

When I woke up I was a bear. I cried and cried when I got home. IT WAS PAINFUL TO THE EXTREME. The suture was apparently sticking out and not buried far enough. So imagine that "something in my eye" feeling magnified by a 1000. Ouch. But I couldn't touch it or remove the patch until Friday. When I saw the doc on Friday for the post op she get this- clipped the suture on top of my eyeball with a pair of little sharp scissors while I was sitting in the chair!!!!?!?!!!! Whoa. She must be killer good at the MB game of Operation. For real. I was praying silently- PLEASE DON'T MOVE. PLEASE DON'T MOVE, SNEEZE OR BLINK. over and over again. IT worked! That drastically reduced the pain level- whoop!

Today: still seeing blood vision, but it has improved as now I can see shapes and light.
So I go in for next appt this Friday. The blood should be gone in 2-3 wks. Yay.

Thankful that it is over... For now. I'm struggling with infection fears since the vision is not clear. Please pray I would not "give way to fear". Thank you!

Oh and good news we got to leave for a sweet vacay to New Orleans with the Vining Family. It was some good food and fun!! Pics to come...

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