Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well Eye'll Be...

A monkey's uncle!

It didn't work. The YAG that is. At least not yet.

The doc said while he was lasering my eyeball pardon me if this is cursing in the U.K. as it's not here in the U.S., "it's too bloody thick". That would be the capsule growing over the lens to which he is referring. He said we'll probably have to go in and surgically remove it, i.e. full-out surgery, ergo medical margarita + general anesthesia, henceforth a "mommy break". Is it bad that I almost look forward to that? I know, I know, it is bad. From Matrix: "We've become EXCEEDINGLY efficient at it."

Yep. No crazy awesome clear sighted miracles this time. In fact, I think the lasering made it worse (geez Debbie Downer/Eeyore). It's all foggy and bothered now. I return to see the doc this Monday to see about next steps.

I have been feeling the prayers. God has given me all-transcending peace and I just don't mind this outcome. I joke with my friends that having eye surgery is like going to the grocery store for me. It's not a big deal. If I have to have eye surgeries all the time, so what. I just have eye maintenance.OH MY GOSH I WANT A T-SHIRT THAT SAYS "EYE MAINTENANCE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The sad part comes in when they run out of options. And I don't see that happening! So I'm so thankful for this peace. For the doctors who are trying and won't give up. Thankful that I live only a hop, skip and a tollroad from one of the best medical centers in the U.S.
The saddest part was that I became an old lady last time in the waiting room. I had on my oh-so-hot Solar Shields and I actually brought my crochet stuff while wearing a sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I realized it I gasped aloud, "JOHN I'M SO OLD RIGHT NOW!" Plus I have a bad hip. NO LIE. I dislocated my hip in drill team tryouts and kicked my own face in high school. I did make it though. Only to drop out subsequently. I promise I do not make these things up.
In the meantime, on a car ride to HL Leelah throws out "How did God put me in your tummy?"
Where's dadddy? At work. Why does he get the easy stuff? But I love it.
I answered with complete nonsensical gibberish:
"God knows how to do magic that is really science. He is really sciency and stuff."
The lamest answer ever. Dude. It was Friday or Thursday. The end of the week. Cut me some!


Lesly said...

HA HA HA!!! Leelah cracks me up!!!

Erin and Jens said...

You as an old lady in the waiting room...that's funny. Know what else is funny? Today, the Walmart lady asked if I was Katelyn's big sister. At least she kept me in the family!