Monday, February 1, 2010

Cinco Day is Upon Me...

Tomorrow is what I'm calling "Cinco Day" or day of the 5th surgical procedure in my left eye. Dr.Hamill will be performing the long anticipated second YAG Laser in the eye to remove the capsule that has grown over the lens. Again. This stupid capsule or wrapper has been the cause of much pain and loss of vision since October after the 4th surgery where they repositioned the lens.

If any of you ever wanted to know what the dealy-o is with my eye. I've created a storyboard-ish thing for your enlightenment. Enjoy!

This is Me. I am Gillian.

I was not born with mechanically "normal" eyeballs.

These were taken from
Note the zonules which are cilia (thank you Biology-I KNEW I'D USE THAT WORD AGAIN!!! and I'm reveling in using it!!!) whiplike structures or tiny strands that hold the lens (which filters the light so you can see) in place.
My zonules are "toe up":

The most common cause of lens dislocation is a significant blow to the head. There are people who have ectopia lentis and other symptoms who suffer from Mofrans Syndrome- i.e. Joey Ramone. There are some other freaky deeaky diseases that cause it too. Don't get offended that I called you 'freaky deaky'. But on the extreme end of this extreme lies me. These diseases have all been ruled out, thankfully. I was born this way. I like to find some sort of kudos in the fact that it's EXTREMELY RARE. In fact, after 27 years it just got clinically diagnosed and when Dr. Lewis (super smart eye genius) told me what I have he made sure I wouldn't google it. I did. It only showed pictures of dogs that have it. Go ahead. laugh. I've got old dog eyes.
The Timeline of Surgeries.

What's the situation for someone with dislocated lenses.
1. Well the problem is since it's so rare they have no idea what will end up with my vision.
2. It causes the lens to drop thus causing complete or partial loss of vision as was the case for me prior to lens implant- 1st surgery-big guns surgery fixed it.
3. It causes cataracts. I had my first at age 5, possibly younger.
4. I have poor eyesight that does not correct well.
5. It causes the vitreous (i.e. eye goo) to separate causing terrible floaters I see all the time.
6. It scares most opthamologists.
7. The surgery to fix it is known as "big guns surgery". See above #5. And it has caused me a nasty infection- endopthalmitis which led to the 2nd surgery- vitrectomy or removal of vireous goo and replacement with saline.
8. The above surgery has also caused a stupid capsule to grow over my lens. Twice. It can only be removed with the YAG lasering- tomorrow. The wrapper sucks. It looks like butter smeared over my eye. All day.
9. The lens replacement- big guns surgery- makes you unable to drive or see well at night due to huge sunbursts off of lights. And you can't read up close.

Okay. Thank you for letting me sneakily complain about this. Like how I circumvented that Bible- no, ? Sorry.

I hope you have enjoyed your lesson on Ectopia Lentis: When Lenses Sag.
I thank you for your prayers.

I share this craziness to show you that even when doctors don't know what the heck is wrong or how to fix you, to have hope in the Lord.
Please heed the unfolding testimony the Lord has given me to share. Whether you have a loved one who has graduated to Heaven from horrific cancer. Whether you've had to endure a hysterectomy due to endometriosis. Or you've got jacked up eyeballs.
It's all in God's hands. And we can take comfort in knowing:
"We know that all things work together for the good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."- Romans 8:28


Tina said...

Dr. G, Eyeball Examiner! Thanks for the lesson. I got a few new wrinkles in my brain on that one. No matter what's gonna happen, GOD IS GOOD!

Lezlie said...

Praying for peace and comfort and success tomorrow!
Your spirit lightens my heart.

Annette James said...

Thanks for explaining your eye stuff and junk. You know how I hate to be that friend who constanly asks and now I didn't have to. The visuals really helped too, especially the one of you because I might have been confused. You know I didn't graduate from ATM. I'm so glad you are getting the care you need no matter how many times you have to endure it. I would pray for "textbook" porcedue but it doesn't seem there is one unless you are a veternarian. I'm praying for success, speedy recover, and comfort for you. Love you!