Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gift from God through a Friend!!!

God totally answered a prayer (see below post) I had through a sweet friend of mine today. Just when I think oh there's no way I can pray for that or that totally won't happen, God blows me away.
Check out what we at the Nichols' home are celebrating today:

So John comes home with the pizza box and on top of that box is this box:

And this was what was inside!!!

My eyes are whackadoodle most days. I'm going back to the surgeon next week in fact because the lens is wiggling- out of place again in the left eye so we will set up another big surgery to reposition it. The right eye has a cataract that is growing daily. My computer is zoomed to 150%+. I have TRIFOCALS on the way. TRIFOCALS!!! But whatev, it's no biggie until you mess with my reading abilities. Which have been the case- especially when I go to the eye doc for HOURS at a time and have both eyes dilated and so I sit there with John- who can read. I sit there and make jokes and sleep. UNTIL TODAY
When we opened the box I gasped!!! And said, JOHN!! To which he said, "I didn't buy that!" and then we read - John had to because I was too busy happy-weeping at this point- the sweetest note from an amazing friend, Lezlie. Thank you Lezlie for listening to what God put on your heart. I pray you have joy knowing that you personified the "love note" (Captivating book) from God to me. I can't tell you how amazed I was to see this answered prayer in my kitchen tonight! The coolest part is that God had totally been telling her to look into getting some kind of reading contraption for me and then I posted the below post yesterday and it was as if God reaffirmed it for her. WOW! Isn't our God amazing in every sense? Words cannot do this justice. So I must chronicle this Nichols Style: Get ready to laugh... Hopefully...
The Kindle and Me:
Talk to the hand real books!!!

Dining with Ms. Thang:

Fireplace Time with Kindlito:
(white grape don't judge me!)

Us watching Project Runway:

Ahhhh... Nighty Night! What a day- we're tuckered out!

Seriously guys. This is the best. The Kindle for those that don't know is a reader that you can have books on- I know I'm terrible at describing this. Go to It's so great for low vision people because you can increase the font size to huge and a lot of books have the text to speech option available. I've already been using it up!!! It's just so great. I had been talking with John the other day about my "if I only had a Kindle" dream. And I knew we could not afford it (hey we do Dave Ramsey and aren't ashamed). For what it does, the price is very reasonable especially compared to some low vision devices. And so I prayed. I have never prayed for an actual object like that before and I felt a tinge of guilt about it. But God like the perfect Father He is knows what blessings you need.

Lezlie, again thank you. Thank you Lord for your love that was shown!


Tina said...

SO AWESOME! Your pics are hilarious...especially of you by the fire with your grape juice. Praise to God that you received such a gift!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!! Love th pictures of you and your new love! Praise God for his pouring his love on us!!

Callie said...

what an amazing story God is writing through all of this. If anyone has a testimony of who God is, you do girl!!! I love you TONS and know that you will love that Kindle (I LOVE MINE!!)

The Miller Big Top Circus said...

LOVE IT! God is so good! I am so happy for you.