Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LeeLee, HeeBeeJeeBees & A TeePee!

LeeLee- has been playing! With buds.. Nathaniel, Rebecca, Nana and Poppa and Cousin Ryan- why I missed the pic with them I have NO idea but I do deserve a lashing!


Rebecca days are fun to the MAX. Rebecca: Princess and Leelah: Superhero. Pretty much says it all...

This is the sweet little boy Leelah thinks she is betrothed to Nathaniel. We'll have to see sweet cheeks what Jesus has planned!

Leelah is psycho for this pointer. PSYCHO. It's fun though!
We made her a teepee. I know you're thinking, "Wow that's not from PB? for like $95.00?!"? (Dripping with sarcasm):

Our "Jus' Teasin'" Salon times:
John is such a good sport!!!

IWANNA thank you God for AWANA!!!
Leelah started Cubbies this spring and is LOVING it. It is by far her favorite thing to go to during the week and it has blessed her and us tremendously by giving her the basis for a little witness! She's shared with several people the gospel (on her own) and why Jesus died for us sinners and how he came back to life. She can even tell you what "sin" means and give you an example (eating mom's candy cane- which I have no clue about but whatever she gets it!). She has verses she's memorized with lots of help of course!:)- 4 so far and it's seriously been the best extra-curricular activity for her. I really enjoy doing the assignments with her during the week. She also got her first badge. Okay I'm totally bragging now. Please to see my cutie bear in her "uniform"!

The shirt happened just as I said!

In case you can't read it: "I'm EYE Maintenance"
Yesterday we saw Dr. Hamill (surgeon) who says "yep" it's coming loose again. Stupid zonules! But nope, he won't operate. I get it. The best surgery is no surgery. So we've changed the quip from, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" to: "If it ain't completely broken and hangy-dangly don't fix it!" We know that yeah, it probably will become looser and at that time surgery will be done to reposition the lens. Until then. I'm living on. So I got jello vision in the left "jello jigglers!" and cloudy in the right (thanks cataract!). But hey, things are good! Really. God has me all stocked up with His peace. It's an amazing time for me and I am blessed.

Plus, the Kindle and I are now married. It took some looking into, but it happened in Thailand over the weekend. Sorry I have no pictures! But really though, I've been reading it up!!!

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Wendy said...

I must talk to you about Cubbies! I came to know the Lord through AWANAS when I was 5 in Sparks. It is such an amazing program!!! And we totally have that salon set :) Brandon (Jacques) and Carly play nightly. Ha!!