Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update on Eyegate

All is good on the homefront. Tonight is our 4th installment of the Cookbook Book Club, and let me tell you it's oh so good this book, Captivating!!! What a blessing!

Leelah is coming off of bronchitis- third month in a row. But golly gee, you wouldn't know it as she is a trooper and then some. They finally decided to give her an inhaler. Boy. Those things can really hype a kid up. Whoa. But it helped a lot!

And you should know, that the eye is a jigglin' again. Yes, yes. Gasp! But yeah it appears as if the lens is going to fall for the 3rd time. THis will mean more surgery. Like we didn't already know this was going to happen come on folks! But seriously friends, God's all-transcending peace is upon me full strength. I am good. It is good. And in Heaven I will have some (pardon my crassness) kick-A vision. I'm just sayin'!!!!

I do want a Kindle oh so badly. We do such a good job around here. We don't have GPS's. We don't have an I-anything. We have convex televisions. It's just that I straight up love to read. Love. To. Read. And these whole eyes they just aren't so hot- pending surgeries and new glasses. Oh well, I will dream...

But I do have a special announcement to make: We saw Avatar this weekend!!! See above reference to our lack of technology.
Here are my observations:
Thing of the first:
Those aliens are big. I didn't realize that.
Totally a "party for the eyes" (Thanks Lesly!)
I never met some glow in the dark that I didn't like. I felt like I was at the roller rink again when they turn off the lights and play "Ghostbuster" by Ray Parker Jr.
I love me a good battle and realistic CG. It was outstanding. Loved it.
I was having issues with the Navi's attire situation or lack thereof. It was distracting. I know I'm lame sounding. But all I could think about was, "How do they battle and fight and ride on horses and such with a thong?" Really.
And Lastly:
Did James Cameron just emotionally punch George Lucas in the face with that movie or what? Just had to say it. Not talking about Star Wars Episodes 4-6 but 1-3. Come on.

will fill you all in on when the next big surgery will be...

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Lezlie said...

Love, love, love to hear what is on your mind =) Praying for God's purposes to be revealed to you daily!