Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Cookbook Book Club

If you are female you should read Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. It basicallly lays out God's design for a woman just like the book Wild at Heart does for guys. It is so eye-openingly good, girls. I'm learning things I didn't know could be so excellently uncovered in a book. I mean I always felt them and was like, "ooooh weee- what up with that!?" (SNL come on! show another skit!). And this book just encapsulates it all. I'm only on chapter three hence the present tense I'm using.

The Lord really put it on my heart this summer after I had some issues with grief, perfectionism, controlling and I HAVE GOT TO MAKE EVERYTHING BE CUTE, CRAFTY AND FABULOUS. I found myself behaving this way while planning my child's bday party. It was ridiculous. I'm putting myself out there. Anyone mind a little honesty?- I'm full of it! The fun that it HAD to be- was so not fun. And she's 3 for crying out loud! God didn't make us to be "on" at all times ladies in the wordly sense. Got to read the book (which is Biblically based) to find out how and why He made you. So I started praying hard. What's up God? Why am I all spazzy on the inside (okay on the outside too), but trying to put on a face like I'm not for the outside- oh it's cool I got it and I'm oh so fabulous- please think I'm fabulous. Gross. God made me dorky on purpose- dorky in a fabulous way though. But I mustn't forget my roots!

So after months of praying and talking it over with close friends we started a group. I love good food. I love attempting to cook. I love my girlsies. Thus, the Cookbook Book Club began and after a head turn look at the book Captivating- it just all fit together. We meet every other Tuesday and have dinner, dessy, and chat up our book. We are taking turns cooking recipes out of Cooking Light- YUMMY. This is a GREAT cookbook- Thanks Lesly! All ladies welcome!

Last night's meeting exposed all of our hurting hearts. It was hard. And wonderful all at once. Did I tell you I adore the sweet ladies that are coming and have yet to come to this group? I just can't even stand how precious God made them. I have to hold back love-tears when I look out at the whole group seated around sharing their hearts without fear and with boldness. Wow. I'm not mushy, but I just have to go there. It's a beautiful sight. So glad God made me a part of it. Thanks ladies for getting real with us. Thanks for the laughs.

Last night we all wrote down what's bothering our hearts. You'd be surprised. We all got to see what we all struggle with. Even if I did dumb it down with my response. Oh the things I could and should have shared...

And what'd ya know. Sure 'nuf each time it's CBBC Tuesday the enemy pounds at my heart: "You're not this.. You're not that... They won't like this... or that..."
God must be doing some mighty things among us.

Again, I do get Jesus-y here. No, I'm not all Carrie's Mom with a prayer closet and 800 lit candles everywhere. Don't judge!


Leigh said...

Wow~ thanks for sharing Gillian! I love your Cookbook Book Club idea! Hmm... I might have to start one up here in Germany! much love and keep dishing out the honesty! :)

Tina said...

This week's meeting was great! You are an awesome host...keepin it real.