Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Crazy Week...


Was John's 31st birthday!! Thank you Lord for this sweet man of fun! He had a fishing themed day complete with a brand new fishing pole! Leelah kept trying to spill the beans all week about his present. I learned never to take her shopping with me for anyone's gift as she will totally narc about it to their face.


... was the day of Leelah's preschool Halloween Parade. At first Leelah told me she wanted to be a "cool bat". After I shamefully pretended not to hear her, she decided she wanted to be a blue superhero- Super Leelah it was! I mean really. A bat? I can't do anything with that!?!?!

Was surgery day. It went well. I mean about as good as eyeball sewin' up can go. The vision is still a little hazy and not back up to where it was, but I'm hopeful it will return soon. I go back this week to have them check it again. I'm growing weary of that waiting room. But I really can't stand people that complain about waiting 2 hrs for their once a year visit. Get over yourself and be thankful you go once a year. Sorry. Just had to ventilate. John was the and got me some TBS(Tomato Basil Soupe) from La Mad, plus an Orange Vanilla candle from Charming Charlie. Apparently, having eye surgery more than 4 times makes you a diva with many requests. A thank you to all the homies that prayed it up for me! I'm back out in the world and plan to drive tomorrow... Thanks for the meals too! Love it!
Thursday and Friday were both completely stricken from the books for me as I was all knocked out...

First we headed over to Rennie Park to hang with the Vine, carve some pumpkins, eat an edible arrangement- whoop!, and have some devo time with the ladies. We love The Vine!
Then the 1st Annual Boo Bash! Thanks James'! We loved every stinkin' minute of it! Leelah had "soooo much fun!" We also started a tradition of the Sugar Witch (Thanks Annette for the idea) where we had her eat all the candy she wanted within reason- and then took the rest and put it out on the porch where the "sugar witch" came to pick it up and replaced it with a candied apple. So Leelah got to see the bag on the porch this morning and tore up that apple after lunch. Next year, we'll probably get her a cool toothbrush from the SW. Good stuff.

Pj's and pancakes day at church! Leelah said "I had 3 whole pancakes today and syrup and apple juice" Amen to that!

Thank you Lord for your daily blessings!


Wendy said...

Love it! Glad your eye surgery went well...I'm praying for ya!!! So sad that we missed Pancakes and PJs yesterday.

Tina said...

You guys are super fun! Loved Leelah's costume...she rocked it!

Ashley S. said...

I love Super Leelah! And also the badger (?) on John's shirt. Glad the surgery went well. You rock!

Annette said...

"BADGER on John's shirt"?!?!?! That is so funny and cute. Obviously not from Texas. What is even funnier was that I was unsure if it was really his shirt or his costume because either would have been acceptable. LOL!