Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hold the phone!

So. Leelah's been bringing up some heavy subjects. Always whilst driving- me not her- and it almost causes me to wreck. I mean I've got 1.25 eyeball I'm workin' with. The topics of discussion in the Toyota Corolla I lovingly named "Ol' Smokey" are:
- How you milk a cow.
Leelah: I know how you milk a cow. (me: oh cool how?). You have to clean out the cow's... It got graphic from here on out. BELIEVE ME. Scary. She's 3.5 yrs and I was shocked at what she thought she knew. So after yelling at her: "STOP WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!" and correcting the car's trajectory, I set her straight about udders. And where they are located... Phew. That could have been disastrous.
- Why do you get "bath-tized" i.e. Baptized?
Leelah: I don't want to get bathtized. (me: {praying for help} why not?) Because I don't want everyone to see me go under the water and then they think I'm not pretty. Me: (whoa really? already worrying?) So Leelah you know it's one of the most beautiful events that Christians can do to show they love the Lord and everyone will think you are so beautiful when you do that. I rambled on and on about her heart being made clean and showing how much you love Jesus.
Leelah: What's a "Christin"?
Me: someone who loves Jesus.
This whole conversation took place all while driving to Katy Budget Books (super cute store might I add).
I pray it "soaked" in. We then took her to one of our pastor's daughter's baptism on Sunday and I think this helped her see what it was all about. It's a big deal to John and I that she see what an awesome testimony it is. So precious that she asked about it and I'm thankful she shared her trepidations with me. Again though phew!
- Who Leelah really loves...
Leelah: Mom, you know who I love even better than you?
Me: (thinking please say God that is the only acceptable answer)
Leelah: Santa!
Me: (thinking oh man I could so blow this right now with HE'S NOT EVEN REAL) Leelah, you know Santa is really cool, but God is the one you should love most. Then mommy and daddy. We celebrate Jesus' birthday more than getting presents on Christmas.
Leelah: But I love you too.
- What is a brain? And What is inside you?
Leelah: What is a brain?
Me: It helps you think and talk and move and it's an organ.
Leelah: What's inside you?
Me: Bones, guts, organs and Jesus.

Seriously. I was not prepared to answer so many heavy topics this week.
Eyeball status:
I've decided my eye's just plain tired. After 4 surgeries, it's pretty much on hiatus. I quasi-see out of it, but not like after the YAG procedure. So I've been trying to stay positive. People have so much more to contest with and I am thankful to the Lord for what I have got! I'm hoping it will just heal eventually. I'm more upset about my hairstyle dying on me...


Wendy said...

Sooooo funny!!! And I am loving her picture :) We must get together soon.

Lesly said...

Leelah is awesome!She cracks me up!

Kenzie said...

That girl is hilarious! She's gettin deep there mama... watch out :)