Monday, November 16, 2009

Swhy us?

So. The Nichols have the Swine Flu. At least Leelah does have it confirmed plus an ear infection. I feel like I probably have it too- her pedi nodded her head yes I had it but didn't test me. Honestly, I'm only posting this to let people know- IT'S NOT THAT BAD! The flu John and I had at the beginning of the year was 10x worse. I'm talkin' someone call a young and old priest bad. But this stuff is comparable to a sinus infection with the same type of symptoms: runny, stuffy nose, cough,low fever. Leelah just took her first dose of Tammy- love her- tamiflu and zithromax and seriously, not more than five min. ago she was jumping, yelling and smiling about something so things are good.

You will live with swine flu and be okay. Now we did have our seasonal flu shot and not the swine flu vacc. So I do think this is what is preventing worse symptoms. Just a layperson guess. Also, we will be hunkering down in our home for a week so as to not get Leelah sicker or give anyone the virus. But when I asked Dr.L about how long we are contagious for and this and that there was not a clear answer. Mostly because CDC does not have clear info to give us. They don't know. So with the doc's advice we'll be taking the whole 24hrs symptom/fever-free route, but not going to school and dance for this week.


The Smiths said...

Grayson had it was nothing compared the hype it received. A little motrin and you would think life was grand. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I've heard this from many friends. It's good to have stories like this to counter act the media frenzy they've created. Never fear, you will survive swine flu :)