Thursday, August 13, 2009

Testing Results, Wiggly Lizards, & Popsicles

This picture doesn't have any purpose, except pure cuteness.
tThe subject has to do with: Bribing. Totally doing that for my 3 yr old's shot testing today!

She did great! Thank you for the prayers! She did cry and fuss of course getting 4 shots in one arm, but was easily distracted by the office's "treasure box" afterwards. We found out and this is a MAJOR praise, she is not allergic to any dustmites and any molds. Praise the Lord! I mean we don't live in some post-apocalyptic Wall-E/Mad Max trashworld, but having a person allergic to dust and mold is a serious home cleaning adjustment. Which I would gladly do, but I'm just sayin'! I don't want to install a freakish E.T. plastic tent all through the house if I don't have to!

What we found out is that she will have to have another set of shots in the arm for more testing- this time it's personal and it's testing for trees. Now they tell us! That will be in 2 mos b/c the minimum age you can start immunotherapy is 3 and the doc really wants to wait til she's at least 3 and a half. Which I appreciate. Although the Allegra helps tremendously, it wipes her out and gives her medicine head. So long story short, after the next round of testing she will start immunotherapy shots in 2 mos- October. She will get 1 shot a week for 6 mos. and then 1 shot a month for 3 yrs. She is a 'slow build' case. Whatever that means.

Many have asked how the ol' eyes doing? Blech? is that a response?
I just feel old. My eyes are just le tired. I'm dealing with some cross-eye issues, yeah I said it! So what of it! Call me mad-eye Moody! I've got a big lag in focusing which wears a sistah out and bruises up my body since I move faster than I can see. And I have intense glare sensitivity from the cataract and floaters. Plus, I'm just funny looking. This was determined from visiting the Center for Sight Enhancement about 3 wks ago. I did all these nifty tests, which determined I can still drive, but it is NOT easy and impossible at night (for the rest of my life). The Lord has blessed me with the best hubby and friends so I'm good with this outlook. I usually make it out to 1 place a day. I have to have help with grocery shopping and it's hard to blog and do computer stuff.

I wear a cover over my left eye while using my progressive glasses when I'm doing detail things such as reading, sewing, etc to build up strength in my right eye. I have indominance eye issues which can quasi-screw you up mentally and physically. So the cover has helped a little with this.

For the glare problems, I wear these HUGE I call them "BDG" (big, dumb glasses) that no joke take up 3/4 of my face and are yellow. I wish I was a hip-hop star or something to pull them off. Alas, I'm a 28 yr. old mom in Katy that looks like she's going shooting. I used to be a good shot, but that's besides the point! The BDG's go over my glasses while I'm driving to block out certain light wavelengths. Again, this was figured out from the 2.5 hrs of testing done at the center.

I have a visit with both Dr. H's (surgeons) next week. Where they will most likely tell me, "tough cookies".

The Lord has given me tremendous peace with all of this. I must remember to:
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perserverance. Perserverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."- James 1: 2-4.

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Lesly said...

I'm glad Leelah isn't allergiv to dust!!! I'm sorry about the eyes. I know it is a burden, but I'm encouraged by the way you handle it. Giving it to God. I love you friend!