Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hot Shots Part Deux....

So pufnstuf has to get the second part of her allergy testing done today. I'm thankful John is coming with us to give us strength! I'm trying really hard to not complain or get anxious. It could be so much worse and we are thankful it isn't. SO thankful! But I do have my good friends who remind me that you can't "minimize" what you are going through. Did I tell you I love my friends?

So please pray for Leelah today. 10:45. We've got to further test her now in the arms for all the stuff that didn't prove allergic to her the first round. Then hopefully we can get her shots plan finalized. We are hopeful in that when all the shots are done (I don't know how long- a couple of years?) that we will actually be able to own a dog! They work that well.

Is there anyone out there that went through allergy shots as a kid with successful results and didn't turn into the Joker or anything?


Sarah Brown said...

Ryan and my brother had allergy shots when they were a kid and the results were successful. Hope all goes well today

Wendy said...

Oh, sweet did it go today?