Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friends from China- Anne & Maria!

So seeing Lesly's post of her and Lesh's experience with her Chinese student hosting has inspired me to write about our family's experience.

We had the joy of hosting Anne (she pronounced it "Annie") and Maria, who are from Chengdu (the city), China in the Sichuan province (like a state more or less) for 3 weeks. They came as part of the American Exposure Program our church, Second Baptist does. Just from reading their bios they wrote before they arrived I knew we were all going to get along great! The Lord truly blessed our adventures together and Anne and Maria were just so precious to get to know!

Leelah straight up loved these girls as did I! I cried and cried when they left! They will always be my children from China!

We did have some great times as we tried to show them all the fun we have in Katy and surrounding parts of Houston and Texas...

We played all the American classics: Guess Who, Uno, Connect Four, Battleship, Skip Bo and John and the girls did a 750 piece puzzle 2 nights!

At the aguarium- we also went to the seawall and had the best pizza- at Papa's Pizza- they LOVED pizza!

Air Hockey at Times Square and bowling...

Rainforest Cafe- gotta go there!

With Anne

With Maria

The girls also enjoyed going to shop for cheeseballs but more so eating cheeseballs. So try and find cheeseballs at any where other than Sams- YOU CAN'T! I learned this after several cheeseball searches around town. They LOVED cheeseballs I'm tellin' ya! We also hit the Galleria and had fun at Dylan's Candy Bar. We saw HP- Half Blood Prince as well as had them watch The Mummy and Mummy returns (scared them!- thanks Emily!). They also liked Nacho Libre and Wall-E too! We even got to go see the Astros beat the Giants! They helped me bake, cook and I taught them how to sew their own pillow. I would have more pics if Mr. Cannon Cannie hadn't decided to get all "inoperative" on us right in the middle of their trip!!! Thank Goodness for Tina's pics from Rainforest and Anne and Maria's cameras!

We were so proud to watch them sing a song in Chinese at the talent show. We were also proud of Maria when she did her speech in English for the entire audience at the Hoe Down our church had. She wrote it and it was beautiful and sweet! The girls really spoke English well. They also taught me about 20 words or so in Chinese! Xie Xie Anne and Maria for all of the fun!!!

We are so thankful for the experience and will hold the memories close to our hearts forever. God bless you Anne (Qiyue) and Maria (Yunru)!

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Tina said...

Those girls are precious! I know that they had an equally exciting experience "livin' with the Nichols". You showed those girls so much love. It was cool hangin' with them at Rainforest and Galleria.