Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eye told you so...

Headed on over to the ol' optometrists the other day since it had been 3 months since my last visit, which I should say some praises for. I have been going every single week since Aug. (with the exceptions of a couple weeks here and there after surgeries) of last year, so that is a pretty big deal that I made it 3 months. I did call the on-call doc and freaked him out once about CRAZY pain, but after telling him what I was going to do (yeah I can do that since I'm rare and all) I took a drop that dialated my pupil for 3 weeks straight and that helped the pain somewhat. Of course i learned at this past appt that was a "no no". I digress!

So when I gave my list of "doc-y do's" I did get one thing I needed a "sorry you hurt" and hug. I am not using sarcasm here, that dose of bedside manner empathy was necessary. I can pretty much suck it up painwise as long as I get some sort of "we get it- you hurt" deal from an authority figure. So I got that at least! They checked my vision- yeah it's not great, but not bad enough to do surgery. God has given me peace about that so no worries. I was instructed not to use the patch as that was causing eye to go inward. Good to know! And I can go on and on but will spare the people who are still reading this far... It all boiled down to me getting my left eyeball (surgeries one) laser treated in the near future. A procedure that will take all of 2 min to correct the foggyness in that eye. Yeah, it's foggy like a hot shower door. Fun! Again, I'm a sci-fi girl so lazers are welcomed.

In the mean time, I'm thankful! I may not see great, but at the most I can still see. Will let y'all know how that laser show goes.

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