Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tabletop Tapestry 2009!

Every year our church, Second Baptist- Katy, West Campus, women ministry puts on a huge event/dinner where every table is decorated to the max with whatever you can think of! We have an awesome dinner (Carrabas), dessert (gelato), entertainment (Ms. Rhonda- fabulous soloist), and an inspirational Christian speaker (Jeanette Clift-George found of A.D. Players). Women's ministry- you reign supreme! Jesus is alive in this department of talented women!!

This year Annette James (see blog to the side- The James Family {I'm hyperlink challenged}), who is wonderful, glitzy and creatively gifted, and I decided we would do tables together (last year she hosted one- Fiesta theme which was trendsetting!:). We decided we'd do a table together at last year's Tabletop. So this year we ended up doing two tables as sort of a collaboration. She gave me a lot more ideas than I gave her! She also spearheaded her sweet table of memories of our babies. I tell you. As soon as she got the stuff out of her matching luggage- it matched with her black and white theme- I wanted to cry right then and there. Annette, you table was geniously simple and exquisitely sweet. Just like your heart! Thank you for the picture of my baby girl Leelah with the fitting Bible verse.

And then I was blessed to be decorating alongside Mary Moran and Lesly Richardson (see blog list- The Best of Friends The Richardsons- again no hyperlink) from our Bible STudy class, The Vine. These ladies did an amazing job of decorating and on carrying out a vision to fruition. Lesly, who's an old pro at it, got 2 tables done in under an hour and they were TO DIE FOR CUTE!!! Lesly, you are so creatively gifted as well and you just ooze beauty! What is your secret of the ooze!?!? (TMNT 2 anyone?) I love this girl and I loved her tables. Sadly, I wasn't on my camera game and only got a pic of one of the 2 she did. I also missed Mary's awesome Fruits of The Spirit table- which was delectable and smelled good!!! Here's Lesly's Sweet Baby table (and it is also the back of it- wrong angle but still gorge!):

Now every year I go (I've been 3 times), I think I totally need to make a dent in the Froo Froo Foo Foo. So I did. I'm not saying it's beautiful, but I'm sayin' it was a whole mess of fun!!! Backyard Retro was my theme and it went along with this great verse found in Deutoronomy 32:2 "Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants."
And I love me some yard flamingos,sprinklers, water hoses, paper towels and Orange Crush!!! Props to the husband for fashioning a Bug Zapper out of a Simply Orange bottle, water bottle and electrical tape!!!

Leelah checking and approving...

Yes, I was proud of my baby which was over a year in the making. I was more proud of my sweet table guests and I got to some spend time with Carol, my mom-in-love who came in all the way from Huntsville- thank you!

It wouldn't be complete with some more pics of my fave tables. Now like I said I was scatterbrained on not on my camera game so I missed many photo ops of my faves including all of Higher Definition's fabulous tables: the Peacock feathers, the God Bless Texas table, and the Lamp unto my feet- my favorite!! Their tables were gorgeous. I mean it. You could really tell how hard they worked and they have talented women in that class!!!
Here's the rad science table I fell in love with:

They were drinking from beakers y'all- beakers!!! So cool!
and the cupcake table took the cake- speaking of cake there was a table full of purses that were actually cakes!! It was truly awesome- in the real sense of the word!

Course I didn't take pics of the Japanese bridge table, the Barbie table, etc- there were 140 tables - 1200 women!!! Praise Jesus for a fun night!


Tina said...

You're table was awesome!

Erin and Jens said...

So fun. I have no idea how you guys come up with such creative table ideas. My only contribution was sitting down! What a fun night.

Annette James said...

Your words are so sweet! I'm so glad to have you in my life. You are full of kindness, support, and FUN! Love ya!!
"That is real cake, don't touch that!"