Monday, May 18, 2009

Zoom- my new best friend!

"Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light" - Micah 7:8

Though I sit in hazy, veiny, cloudy, "is that a hand?", Zoomed up (200%) vision, The LORD will be my magnifying lens and telescope! God is certainly being called on at the Nichols house! This may be one of my last posts simply due to my eyes not being able to focus well. A day or so ago I started noticing the effects of the moving in cataract on the right eye. Uh oh! The righty. The champion. The one I see out of entirely at this point.

I am asking for prayers. Prayers that God's will be done for my life. That should he be fixing my vision that would be done and for wisdom for the docs and staff involved. For the seemingly constant left eye and head pain be remedied. For sight to be restored in both or one eye. If these are the steps that God is determining- then great! Please pray for me to continue on in being tested and to perservere so that I may be matured.

If restored vision should not be the course for my path that the Lord has intended, then I pray that I learn a life of low vision opportunities. That God would show me ways to cope and not just to cope but to rise above. That I would still see my loveys John and Leelah. That I could find ways to read his Word and hopefully still drive down the street and take Leelah to preschool. That it would not slow me down!

And in all this that God would continue to build my testimony that I can share with others to encourage and to be a light.

I am thankful for my friends who are my sweet earthly angels that have done so much for me and my family. Thank you! Thank you for the rides, meals, Leelah-sitting, prayers and support. You are truly rays of sunshine. I love you all dearly!

Thanks to my precious family as well. I can't even start down that road!

For any experiencing low vision- there are some resources I've learned about:

The Lighthouse Organization- google this for a place in your area. They have info, resources, support groups and in some cases a store for low vision/blindness products. They also have job training.

The League for the Blind- also an organization with helpful resources.

Ask around for a physician that specializes in low vision treatment.

Please comment for any other advice or resources that you may know of. Greatly appreciated!


Tina said...

We love you "Mrs. Gilli", and we will continue to pray.

Anonymous said...

Girl, You know I am praying and whatever you need!! YOu just ask!

Stephanie McInnis said...

Gillian, I am praying for you and I want you to know that if you need ANYTHING please don't hesitate to ask. You have been such a blessing to us and I just thank God that he has brought us to the Vine.

Amy H. said...

I'm a friend of Tina's and just happened to drop in your blog to read the post on your dad. So, I'm praying for your vision and for your heart as you miss your dad.

I hope we can meet one day. Tina talks about how cool you are! :) I'm so glad she has friends like you. Praying for you two states away.