Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Oklahoma Trip

Last weekend we hopped in the ol' stagecoach and galavanted to Oklahoma to see various family members. It was a long drive with one speeding ticket (thanks Dallas), but at least we got to dine at the fabulous Braum's Ice Cream- why not here in Houston? What's wrong with us? I'm telling you it's the best ice cream and it's inexpensive. Help a city out Braums!
Our first stop was to visit my Uncle John and my two cool cousins Jake and Jackie. They are sweet, smart and all kinds of fun. Leelah really took a liking to them this time since she is now of playing alongside age.

Jackie LOVES to read and must have read 50 books to Leelah. It was a precious sight to see. I know I cherish pictures of my cousins and me at that age (Karalyn, Josh, Cody, Krissy!).
The next morning we visited my father's gravesite at Gracelawn Cemetery. God gave me the great idea of calling it "Gigi's Memory Spot" to help Leelah with the concept of visiting him there. She can only understand he is in heaven with Jesus- which is the main part, and we don't think it's necessary to explain his body is in the ground. So we just told her it was a place we go to remember him at. This was a hard day, but it was nice to see his marker which was not there when he was laid to rest. We are thankful for the marker that was given to him by Veteran's Affairs. I think it turned out beautiful. A beautiful spot for a beautiful person with many beautiful memories. I thought it would be a lot harder to see this, but since I know where he is spending eternal life I was not as shaken as I thought I would be. We will be remembering his passing on the 29th of this month, which is hard for us to fathom. Truthfully, my mind has been trying to focus only on this and not on everything going on around me. Not being a writer, I know I'm not giving this moment its justice. I miss you dad and honestly God is the only way I've been getting through this.

It was a day of bittersweetness as our next stop was to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday in Guthrie, Okla. We did so enjoy this blessing of an event. My mom's family always gets together on the same weekend as the 89'ers day which is a celebration of all the settlers that did the land run in Oklahoma in 1889 (so I've been told by my sweet Great Aunt Wilma and Jan). They are great organizers of this event and keep it going each year. This time was extra special since we had a party for my granddad. We all had a great time at the parade beforehand and at the meal and party. My favorite part was talking with my uncles, cousins, aunts and of course my granddad while looking at old pics. What a great legacy to be told. Thank you Privette family!

Leelah did not like the gun shooting loud bang- or as she called it "honking".

Grandpa with his table get-up.

Did you happen to notice the INSANELY CUTE OUTFIT Leelah is wearing - of course you did! My dear friend Tina made that precious gem for Leelah. Isn't that the sweetest outfit you ever saw or is it!!! I had a cute-attack when she gave it to her. Seriously Tina you are beyond talented. Project Runway Kids- you're on it and you are in! God has blessed me with meeting this new sweet friend and we love her and her ADORABLE to the max child/mini clone Rebecca.

We love you family! Thank you for hosting us and we will see you again soon!


Anonymous said...

TEars, my friend, tears. I will be remembering you on the 29th. And of course I love Leelah's way cute outfit!

Tina said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Leelah wears that outfit like it's nobody's business! So glad you like it! I'm glad you had a great trip visiting with family. The ticket sucks though.