Friday, May 1, 2009

As the eyeball spins...

How did the appointment with the orbit specialist go Gillian?

Well, if you like injections in your eyelid at 9:00am, then it went super! Thanks for asking!

Didn't know I was being set up to go see Dr. Needles-In-Your-Face! I have seen Fire in the Sky and I ain't playin' that stuff is SCARY. I kept both eyes closed the entire time. John held my hand and it even grossed him out! Possible issue: my Supra Orbital Nerve- the nerve around the eye/eyebrow area that is whackadoodle. So he injected some numbing medicine-i.e. stingy liquid- into the area. It was supposed to work within a minute. It didn't really. The effects only lasted an hour, but like I mentioned there were no real effects of the injection.

He referred me to guess what- a neurologist! Back to square one again. I also go back to Dr. Hammy (lens doc) on Monday then on the 13th I go into the new neurologist down at Methodist. The orbit doc says the neuro should be able to scan the area to see why the nerve hurts or if it's something else and give me medicine for the nerve pain. Supra Orbital Neuralgia they call it. I call it Ouchface 2000.

Meanwhile, I have tried my best to stop obsessing about my eye issues. It's ever present for me mentally and that's not good. It's just something I have to live with. There may be no solutions and that in itself is a solution God can make me okay with. Keep on truckin'!

Pictures and stories from previous weekend Oklahoma trip are coming up!

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