Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Space. The Final Frontier.

Got a story for ya Ags! WHOOP!

Yesterday, went to see Hsquared otherwise known as the world renowned docs of Baylor Eye Clinic- Dr. Hamill and Dr. Holz in regards to my left eye (old surgeryito). Being that the left eye is now in severe achy breaky pain. Both of the docs saw nothing wrong with it. Which is good news for the lens, cornea, retina, iris, inner-mechanics. Then I told Dr. Hammy what part is killing and found out about a new part (new to me) the orbit. Yes, I know. Awesome because I love space.

Orbit- the eye socket, the eye muscles, the eyeball, the optic nerve and the fat in between. Yo Homeslice, my orbit hurts! I showed Dr. Hammy this part around my eye and he went "Ooooh I see" after pressing on the left "orbital" area and me writhing in pain, he put two and two together. Where in the medical center will I venture to now? Kirby Rd. To see the "brilliant" Dr. Soparkar i.e. the "orbit specialist". This will take place on Monday. Until then, I'm all ibuprofened up since I got this pain that makes me nauseated. I'm talking first trimester with no baby! Not cool! I have no idea where this new jaunt will lead me. I'm really thrown for a loop to be honest. I was thinking more endopthalmitis. None of that thank God, but now what? God has definitely got me on the road to somewhere... My hope is that for anyone that is going through this- you are not alone! I am legend! Just kidding. Come on, you knew that dog was going to die. Anytime a dog is introduced in a movie and is the sole companion and friend- prepare for it to die and you won't be so sad. Come on people! (Hope someone has seen I am Legend or better yet read it.)

I joke about all the opthamalogists I've seen. They keep getting smarter and smarter. I hear this one invented Flubber and he is actually just a brain in a jar that talks by telepathy. Cool. Will give y'all the run down and what we find out!

In the meantime it's off to Oklahoma this weekend for the celebration of my family heritage- The Privettes (mom's side) and their land rushing! Go 89'ers!


Anonymous said...

so sad about the dog. I was bummed. I'll have to take on our perspective! Praying for your safte trip to Oklahoma!! So did you get any gold????

Lesh said...

Telecommunication? Is that like AT&T or Verizon?
More like telepathy ;-)

The Nichols Fam said...

AH JEEZ!!!!!! Thank you Lesh. DANG IT! Telepathy. I knew that. What kind of a sci-fi person am I. A lame one apparently!