Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hippity Hoppity!

For Good Friday we visited Nana and Poppa in Huntsville and dyed eggs with Aunt Amy, Uncle Matt and Baby Cousin Ryan- who's now 9 months!!!!!! He is just a doll. We love him so! They both got Easter bunnies and it was great to see them "play" with each other. Much more of that to come!

Then on Saturday we went to the Easter service at our church in the evening with an egg hunt before the service.

Easter rocked! It always rocks! It's EASTER! He is Risen- He is Risen INDEED! Leelah loved every single plastic egg of it too. The child did 5 egg hunts. I'm almost embarrassed about it. 2 in one day! It was a whole mess of fun though. Easter's always been my favorite holiday and this year Leelah could actually get pumped about it. She's been talking some gospel lately too which has been really special:

"Jesus is in my heart." (then points to armpit) yeah you read that right...
"Jesus is so handsome. Just like Daddy!"
"Jesus died and his friends were sad. But then (repeats "but then" about 5 times) Jesus came back to life!"

"Jesus was bah-tized in the river." (while "reading" her little Bible)
"Easter is over." - This was announced loudly upon entering her classroom on Monday morning.

We are so thankful that we have this day to celebrate every day of the year. Praise the Lord! It gives me great hope knowing Jesus came back to life.

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Tina said...

That Leelah is a trip! I can so hear her sayin' "Easter is over." Cracks me up!