Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Mania!!!!

First things first. This is all about last, last weekend. This weekend was fun, but last, last weekend was like a Monster Truck Jam of Awesome.
First Awesome Event... ASHLEY'S BABY SHOWER!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you- I love Ashley Sumners and Erin B. Hines. Two of my spectacular 3 roomies (love you too Alison Cash!) from college. I love them so much! My super sidey Ashley is expecting her first born son Jake- (Jacob Michael Sumners). And we rolled up to FW in the ol' D.R.C. (Dave Ramsey Corolla) or Ol' Smokey as I affectionately refer to it, to shower Mrs. Ashley with gifts and love. Did I mention how much I love her? I must have told John that for a week straight leading up to the event. I was so blessed with my roommates in college y'all- YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! Must stop the gushing.... So we went on up there and lo and behold we found "Martin" (a.k.a. Ashley) all babied up! After Leelah vandalized the church hall with stickers, we celebrated Ashley and her baby boy with some fun. We are so very excited to meet him and are praying everything just goes like "textbook" for the Sumners family. She's due on 03-06-09 so keep her and Jon (Arbuckle) in your prayers!

Next Sick-Fun event.... Erin's Sick Cool Gallery of Pop Art and Design- er, I mean Apartment in the City!!!
Long live the pointing to the baby shot! So we started this spheil of pointing to our wombs when I was carrying Leelah. I'm kind of a dullard and didn't pick up that it was a spheil- but IT IS! So we're carrying it on... Forever...Check out Ashley's cool blog: for more details as she is a way better chronicler of fun things than I.

Leelah would NOT stop playing with Erin's decorative glassy squished balls. STOP LEELAH!!! Note: Candle was soon extinguished after pic taken.
Then we had dinner at the Help Me From Overeating It's SOOOO Good- Pulido's in Downtown Fort Worth. Ashley's fave restaurant. This place was so great. I had tamales AND cheese enchiladas at the same time! Ashley took some pics of a funny door sign. Post it Ashley!

It was very hard for me to leave the roomies. I miss them incredibly much. Leelah loved "those girls". She even said at dinner, "I want to go sit with those girls" hence above picture. We are definitely looking forward to visiting soon!

Next Stop: Uncle Guy and Aunt Adena's Sweet Farm of Fun!!!
After dinner that Saturday night we drove into Palestine, Texas, stopped at Walmart where all things can be purchased including pajama pants, and stayed the night at the Farm. This was one of the best unplanned events ever. I'm telling you, if you're looking for a fun weekend- don't plan! I've never had so much footloose and fancy free-dom. Here's just a few of the 100 pics we took at the farm as we: woke up to an awesome breakfast, watched birds, rode on a Rhino and a four-wheeler, looked at kaleidoscopes, and CHILLAXED!!!! So fun. It's got Leelah saying, "Watch out for the cow poop!" and we're not even correcting her!


Tina said...

I like your Dave Ramsey Corolla! (me and my friend call a Corolla a "co-rolla-skate") We have a Dave Ramsey car too. I don't really like our car, but it's paid for! Looks like ya'll had lots of fun over your weekends.

Ashley Sumners said...

Wow. Thanks for all the love, sidey! I loved seeing you that weekend! I'm glad you enjoyed everything so much. Someone definitely needed to warn me to not take pictures sitting down right now (i.e. porch outside church and Erin's couch). Looks like the farm was fun too! Can't wait to see you again! Love ya babe!