Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eye Update 2009

a special note: PRAY FOR LESLY RICHARDSON AND LESH- They're having a baby boy Nathaniel today and I'm so crazy excited I can't even bear it!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Praise God for baby blessings!!!!
Argh. My pirate transformation is almost complete... I don't know where I was going with that.

Did I mention that I've seen the Dr. H's a week or so ago? We're best buds. No really. I love me some Dr. Hammy (Hamill) and Dr. Holz. So here's the deal on the ol' googly eyes...

Left eye:
Still blurry as all get out. I see blue vein sparks every morning I wake up. I must try to not sleep on my left side so much! Note that cataract surgery people! Good news: getting contact next week!!!!!!!!! Supposed to have it last last Friday, but wouldn'tcha know it, they don't make contacts for people who are "special" like I. So I had to wait and that's not a biggie since I know God's working on it. Hey at least I get anything at all! But I'm really looking forward to seeing through this new lens- well a lens on a lens. Cool huh? I also learned that and I may have mentioned this already they see "special" and "weird" people like me something like 5 people in 10 years. Which I was surprised they had even seen that many!
Right eye:
So looks like the docs weren't on the same page about this eye as me....I had to do some MAJOR cajoling and charming to get an appt for them to "think" about "letting me twist their arms" to do "anything at all" I know very quotey. Turns out as Dr. Holz so greatly puts it, "We've been down a stormy path with you..." I'm telling you I love my doctors. I mean NO sarcasm here, they are great! I don't do sarcasm, just hyperboles. So I got Dr. Hsquared to let me come in in April as opposed to six months, because let me tell you the right eye STINKS! The floaters are worsening and the cataract isn't helping either... Did I mention I had cataracts at 5! Premature my face! I think I wrote about that already. I'm now waiting for either the lens to drop like it did in the left and go blind in that eye (which is on it's way) or the cataract to move in and then BAM! I'm off to surgeryville with the H's. Since I'm seriously one of their favorite patients, they might even perform surgery on it before those conditions which would make me happy!
To sum it all up- I'm halfway through Eyegate. I am looking forward to having one clear eye- next week with the contacts. Oh yeah, I'm getting one for righty too. They said my astigmatism is so bad and can best be corrected by contacts. See glasses on someone like me would quote, "make me sick and throw up". DING DING- is that why I've been nauseous for a year? I'm still crazy dizzy and ralphy. So maybe THAT is the answer. We stopped all the neuro stuff since all the eye drama became so pressing. So all you astigmatism peeps out there- wear contacts not glasses! Something I had NO idea about. They had to specially make my contact for the right so I can wear it to see clear floaters. But hey no complaining- "Do everything without complaining or arguing.."--- Phil. 2:14.

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