Friday, January 30, 2009

My daughter's teeth are rotten, but at least she potties!

Leelah the Pottynator!!! PRAISE THE SWEET LORD!!! My daughter is using the potty and loving it!!! Thanks for the prayers friends! I could not be any prouder of this child y'all! The title means- I reward her with Lifesaver candies. She doesn't ever eat candy. She still has watered down juice and will til she's 5. But I have to reward her while we're training, right!?

Now, I hope that I'm not jinxing it..... She hasn't mastered #2, but hey no accidents yesterday- WHOOP!!! It is a little bit embarrassing carrying around her non-collaspable potty seat with you in restaurants and Tar-jay. Especially when she's annoucing what might as well be over the intercom system, "I HAVE TO POT-TAAAYYY!" But all you mommies out there know what spellin'! Funny story: there are many but this one comes to mind- Today I asked her what kind of potty do you need to do (expecting her to know I was meaning pee or poo) and she said "The white one- the white potty" meaning the actual toilet. Well I thought it was funny.

It's amazing the comaraderie you get with people about pottytraining in public. It's like everyone's rooting for you and your child. I wish there was more things that brought people together like that. I also love seeing families pray when they're out to eat too. It just bonds you. So we bonded with a lady in the pharmacy department at Tar-jheeey. She watched our stuff while Leelah and I went potty. I told her that I didn't even care if it got stolen - that's how desperate you get when you are potty training guys. And seriously, I'm random but get over it, Leelah uses the smallest amount of toilet paper possible. The child does not understand the wipe concept at all. She actually makes more of a mess wiping with her nano-size paper than if she just didn't wipe at all. TMI- tough! You knew what you'd be getting into when you read the title. So God is good- Leelah rocks and it's Friday.


Wendy said...

Way to go Leelah! We should have a potty party :)

Tina said...

Good job Leelah! And good for you too Mommy!