Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whoop-worthy news!

Got a little story for ya Ags! WHOOP!

Went to the ol' eye doc on Friday (ahead of schedule because I'm "special" like that) by the way to interrupt myself what didn't I do on Friday? We did count them- 6 errands that day that included: renewing my DL (John had to drive me to it- DON'T ASK!), visiting the VFW Museum inside the DL office in Katy (who knew such a gem!?), eat a hot dog (this time with chili ON it- I know strange never done that...), drop off LJ at Annette's, went to eye doc, came back, picked up LJ, John grilled steaks, went to HEB (saw the entire church congregation there), etc. It was a fun day. Any whoop- the GOOD news. My left eye (surgeries eye) was acting up this past week and I just knew it was re-infected. This would NOT have been good as they would have had to remove the lens they just implanted for 6 mos, blah, blah, blah. So I was not looking forward to going as much as I love me some Dr. Holz and staff.

So JOhn goes with me this time- he'd never been and has to drive me since I can't drive for too long of distances. It was GREAT having him there with me. Thank you Lord for his awesome job! So Dr. Holz apparently took a liking to John- who doesn't- and let him look at my eye through the machine. John had no clue what he saw he confessed, but still very cool that he let him do that. So the doc checked it out and NO INFECTION! Hooray! It was as simple as drops. He also said he didn't think it was coming back and that when I get the right eye lensectomy/lens implant big guns surgery I shouldn't expect it to get infected since it's actually really rare that I got that infection in the first place. Yeah, I told you I was "special". 1 in a 2000-3000 chance actually. So good news all around.

I go to see Dr. Hammy Ham Hamill on Tuesday. Hoping that I get the laser treatment done and then a contact! Fingers crossed! That way I can actually start to see out of this left eye- something I haven't had in 2-3 yrs. So Thank you Jesus for these doctors and modern advances in medicine! So glad I live in Houston- well close.

I am attempting to sew Leelah some pj pants... They came out okay in a "SNL 50 yrs old Molly Shannon Classssss Act skit" kind of way. Also working on decupauging some paisley gift wrap on Leelah's dresser from Goodwill... Pics to come.

Our Bible study tore it up today with some Holy Chocolate Covered Strawberries complete with chocolate fountain of coolness (Thank you Caraways!)! I know I know- AWESOME! Anyone in the Houston/Katy area that's married in 20's-30's please come check us out we'd love to have you visit!

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