Friday, January 2, 2009

A place you MUST visit!

Oregon! We LOVED loved LOVED it! I had no idea Oregon would look or be like! We were fortunate enough to have the best tour guides (Aunt Sue and Uncle Mark) to show us around and we totally explored that state! Thank you again Nana and Poppa for this wonderful trip and all its memories. I completely fell in love with this state's landscapes. Let me tell you what it's got: mountains, beaches/coastal areas, waterfalls, snow- well usually not as much as what we saw but some, mist, clam chowder, scones, green hills, green valleys, green moss, tons of farms- CHRISTMAS TREE FARMS, cherry orchards, sand dunes (we didn't see these), gardens, and more stuff I don't even know about.
We stayed at an awesome B & B (never done that before and I could TOTALLy get used to that life!) Bird and Hat Inn where Pete and Jacqulin took outstanding care of us and our little ones.
I experienced several firsts: seeing huge waterfalls (I'm talkin' Last of the Mohicans y'all!), eating clam chowder- I was told there wasn't any mayo in it and it wasn't half bad!, eating Eggs Benedict, seeing a cherry orchard, eating fondue (it's not queso!), taking my baby on an airplane (they scanned her Minnie doll scanned- FOR REAL- I had no idea Minnie the Mouse was a terrorist suspect), staying at a B&B, eating Tomato Soup (yeah I don't get out much I guess), riding on a ATV in the snow (so James Bond), etc. Lots of fun and the best part of course was hanging with the fam. Leelah played hard with her sweet cousins Jack and Nate. They are too cool for school! Leelah loves them and said "thanks for playing with me". Which about made me cry. But the best line of the whole trip was said by Nate, age 5, "This trip is way more awesomer than you think." Which definitely sums it up!

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Ashley Sumners said...

Who knew Oregon was so pretty? Not me! That shirt Leelah was wearing on the plane? I totally have it. I bought it back in September when I saw it, before Baby Gender Day. I'm definitely keeping it, hoping to one day have a 9-12 month old baby girl around Christmas time, because it's about the cutest shirt ever.