Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

How in the world do you blog about Christmas and do it justice? You can't! I'll attempt. We celebrated the day of Jesus' birth with one special family member missing from our home, but joining us from Heaven. We had a hard time this year without my Dad. It was not the same, but the best present we received was his salvation and knowing he was with the Lord on the most glorious day in the most glorious of places. We missed the big black bag he'd get out to throw away all the paper and watching him opening gifts way too fast for us to relish anything. He did everything way too fast. It's those traits you think of most when you lose a loved one. I missed seeing him have exactly the same sweet reaction to every gift when all he really asked for was "a hug and a kiss". So in a way it was the hardest Christmas for me personally. But it was the sweetest knowing Jesus came to give eternal life and knowing he had bestowed that to my Dad. Even with the INSANE amount of gifts we had this year, we know the best is what Jesus gives us everyday- hope and unconditional love. Thank you Jesus for showering us with these priceless gifts everyday even on your day of birth.

We celebrated the best we could the whole season. We made cookies and handed them out to our neighbors- whom we have truly been blessed with. It was so nice to actually see inside their house this time. It made me realize how little we know them and how we could only benefit by knowing them better- do I smell a resolution? We made ornaments or should I say arguments, John? We went light watching- that was so much fun! Hot chocolate in mugs and popcorn in your car? Crazy! I burnt chex mix- impossible- not for me! We made a pecan pie and it only took 10 hours to bake- yes long story.... We read the Christmas story and Twas the night before Christmas a zillion times. Saw the Kids Crazy Christmas Show spectacular- so cute! Then we took AN AMAZING trip to Oregon- more pics to follow. I can't even begin to describe that awesome place! So for all of that we are so thankful. Merry Christmas indeed!

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Tina said...

Great Christmas pics! Glad you had fun in Oregon. Miss you gals!