Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dontcha wish your eye was blurry like me!


Doc says the cultures came back on ye olde crazy Lefty... And survey says: "rare" staph bug. Good news- the back up meds he had to use are what the "rare" bug is sensitive to- YAY! Thank you Jesus! So still a possibility it will come back, but not very likely.... The cataract is moving in on the right eye pupil though so it probably won't be long til that whole sphiel starts. Always got Dr. Hammy Ham to fix it up though so I'm good. As far as driving goes- yeah probably won't be able to drive til I get the left one all fixed and possibly the right one too. So several months? Again, I'm just thankful that the doctors can fix it at all. I am at tremendous peace with everything and look forward to regaining my sight.

FUNNIEST PART OF THE WHOLE DAY: Y'all get ready. Sitting next to the cutest little kid the other day who asked me if I was doing my homework (I know right? Love that kid!). I explained to him that no I was just working on my Christmas list/budget for my family and that's why there were so many calculations- Thanks Dave Ramsey! I then asked him who he was seeing and he said the same doctor that I was seeing and then told me THE CRAZIEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD EVER which just so happened to be the reason for his post-op visit. Are you ready and prepared? He had surgery either 1 to 2 weeks ago (couldn't hear that part) because........

A machete fell on my eye

That's right friends. I would have paid money to see my face/reaction. What in the hay do you say to that?!?!?! I just said, "Bless your heart" ('cus I'm a Texan and that's what we say when we flabberghasted and concerned). I went on to tell him how great it was that he could have that fixed and that he was okay. But COME ON. A MACHETE!?!?!? I didn't quite get the story since I was in such shock but it really sounded like he said something about a machete he threw up in the air and it landed on his eye. I have to confess. I barely noticed a machete-eyeball-freak-accident injury on him. It looked like one eye was squinting. God bless his mother. She is a saint!!!! God bless the doctors that see stuff like that everyday and are not fazed. Holy cow.

Moving on...
We're looking forward to celebrating Jesus' bday round these parts. Leelah's starting to ask for toys and doggies instead of oatmeal and lipstick. Dang it she found out how it works! I'm in trouble. Thank goodness I got almost all of her toys at the Goodwill. That's right. Only took an hour to disinfect them! By Golly! After Christmas- the next day in fact- we are all heading via plane to Stayton, Oregon. Thanks Nana and Pop for the trip! And Amy and Matt for booking it! We are super pumped!!! Let me show you where we're staying...

Funny thing- John called the owner the other night to inquire about high chairs. We really don't want to bring Leelah's crusty old booster seat. He found out that they don't have them, but if she quote "gets wiggly we can tie her to the chair with a necktie". Is it just me or does this stuff happen to anyone else daily? I mean seriously people. A NECKTIE!? I love it. I cannot wait to meet her! It's snowing up there so pray for us Texans as we don our snazzy rubber boots and look like Gordon's Fisherman or Serial Killers. Will post pics when we return next week.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! God bless you and yours and may your new year be full of joy and blessings!

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Tina said...

You are a riot!!! That machete kid sure is lucky he still has his eye. Sounds terrible. Also, I'm about to get down and dirty 'Dave Ramsey' style myself. Christmas threw us off! Have fun in Oregon, and rock those snazzy rain/snow boots!