Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bye Bye Bubble!

Tonight as I was eating at the dining table with the fam I noticed that the "air bubble" the doctor put in my eye was a whole lot smaller than it was. Then while I was painting our salt-dough ornaments I noticed it wasn't there anymore! I finally have a somewhat clear eye and I am very grateful for it! Now it's still completely blurred since I have to put in all the drops to dialate it, but it's a VAST improvement. It is still pretty achy and painful, but I am hopeful that will go away soon. I am really looking forward to seeing my doctor tomorrow- literally! The right eye is still full of junk, but it will be fixed eventually. Still unable to drive, but I have taken this time of leaning on others as a learning time. I have also greatly enjoyed all the time spent with my mom, Leelah and John. God has definitely brought me to my knees this year through significant losses and I have really gained so much.

On a side note, this afternoon I watched The Break-Up and was none too pleased. It was basically about a couple breaking up. I guess I missed the funny parts. I just thought it was too real. I mean jeez. Who wants to watch a couple argue?

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