Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Thoughts and Goings-Ons Pics

Today was an odd day of firsts. I took care of some business for my mom and my family. I applied for my father's grave marker through Veteran's Affairs. We never had the chance to take care of this so it is closure and I have to say I'm still in shock. Today someone even told me, "I was sorry to hear about your father." I never thought I would hear anyone say that to me. Isn't that only said in movies? Apparently not. Maybe it's just the sadness I get from watching Life Aquatic (great movie by the way) and seeing Bill Murray who was my dad and I's favorite actor. Was? Is? I really don't know how to tense verbs when speaking of my dad. Still in shock. Please pray for our little family. We will celebrate the Lord's birth and are so thankful for Him. However, it will be tough.

Our days are not really what I would call "normal". My mom had to turn down a realty show producer today. She had applied to be on a realty show and made it to the final round. But due to my many eye issues and surgeries, she had to pass. I know God will reward her with better things. It's okay if you don't believe me. I hardly believe the things that happen to me or around me every day. I will tell you that I am a Christian Aggie so that means that I'm double honest.

On a fun note, Leelah got to wear her new purple boots today. We got them at Walmart with my gift certificate- thank you Grandpa! As soon as she put them on she went into diva mode and gave us this over the shoulder I'm too hot for school look. She's hilarious. She cracks me up constantly. Thank you God for this everloving blessing. Today we decorated sugar cookies and distributed them to our neighbors. Leelah's thoughts, "I like handing out the cookies to all of the people in their houses." It was great to give them out. I hope they didn't think I had Ebola on account of the insane bloodshot eye though... I promise they were plague-free!

I know this has been a random post and I thank you for reading thus far. Please to enjoy some of our 2008 Christmas Greatest Hits including: That Big Ol' Galleria Tree, Gillian's Bday Dinner, Leelah and Rebecca at Ceramics by Tess, Leelah's Christmas Tree, Our Ugliest Christmas Sweater Party for our Bible Study Class, Leelah and a huge pretzel humanoid, Me after surgery, and many more!


Tina said...

Adorable pics! Glad your surgery went well. Girl, leave it to you to rock that zebra print on your surgery day. Always a diva!!!

Ashley Sumners said...

Aaaaaaaaaah! Your eye! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! That giant pretzel with legs!
What reality show?!?! That's awesome!