Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eye made it!

Doing okay today. Surgery went well! Praise the Lord! I am saying through a "pool" of liquid in my eye which is actually an air bubble, and I didn't have to have the gas bubble put in- no retinal tearing. So I am happy. The bubble should dissipate by next week sometime. Looking forward to getting a clear eye! Right now eye is completely bloodshot- I mean scary blood red.
I did throw the always at ease doc for a loop when I told him what meds I was allergic to. He did not like that I said vancomycin since that's his fave antibiotic to use in endopthalmetis killing. He is anxious to get the culttures back to see what kind of germs were in the eye. He said that he is hoping it wasn't one of the "really nasty" ones. I pray that it isn't since those are especially hard to heal. But as for now I will take life by an inch. Thank you for your prayers. They are felt! I go in next week for another check up.

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Erin & Jens said...

Alright! Hope your eye heals very quickly and that you didn't have a "really gross germ" in that eye. I'm so happy about your eye news! We've been praying for you.