Sunday, November 16, 2008

Leelah Hearts Santa

Well not really. They didn't tell me that toddlers don't like to have their "sit on strangers dressed in costumes laps" pictures taken. No one told me! What is up with that? Leelah's not a screamer, but during the Easter Bunny of 2007 picture she kept holding her face and mumbling "Mommy Daddy say okay" over and over. At our church's Celebrations Christmas Market (which is FABULOUS) by the by, Leelah freaked out about Santa. So all you preggies know this- be prepared to not get any good Easter Bunny, Santa, sitting on weirdos laps pics until they're at least 4 years old. Until then it's parents holding time. Anyone have any good Christmas traditions they want to share? Cookie exchanging? Gingerbread Housemaking? Stocking making?


Ashley Sumners said...

You know it's not Thanksgiving yet, right? No Christmas allowed until after Thanksgiving! :)
And in case you're wondering, my baby will not EVER be anywhere near an Easter Bunny. I'm even creeped out by those guys. Never normal looking. Ever.

Tina said...

Last year, Rebecca just sat completely frozen and expressionless when we put her on Santa's lap. We may try it again this year, but she's such a drama queen so she'll probably freak out.
Love that Gingerbread top on Leelah!