Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but I am filled with feelings of thanks. Yesterday sweet baby Faith Clare was born to Kenzie and Dusty Stanfield. They are friends from our church home Second Baptist. We are so thankful for this new life God has sent. What an answer to many prayers. Thank you God for her.

Thank you God for my little one as well who reminds me that you can have a picnic at even the worst of times.

Thank you God for my sweet husband who's been my dustpan picking up the pieces of my mess-a-minute life. He reminds me of steadiness and I blessed to know him.

Thank you God for my strong mom. She has been my support and won't let me give up. I do not know a stronger human being.

Thank you God for all my friends who took time out of their lives to help a friend in need of prayer. I never knew friends that could be there for you when you were kind of on the helpless end. Thank you for your divine friendship. You are my flashlights.

Today's neuro-opthamologist appointment was not what I was hoping it to be, but I take peace in knowing God's timing is the perfect timing. He is sovereign. He knows my troubles and will deliver me. I am learning patience and perseverance. Thank you God for this. I do not have an answer yet on what is distorting my vision. Thanks to a family friend's connections, we are going in to a new eye clinic soon. I remain hopeful as always.

A great lesson I am learning. Let others help you. This has been extremely difficult for me. A great friend explained it to me like this, "Let others share in the victory". I loved that. Someone also asked me if I liked it when people asked me for help- "Well, sure!" I don't know why I hadn't thought of that.

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megandianne said...

you know gillian, you "see" so many things with your heart.... you always have. i know that this is difficult, but know God has given you a treasure in being about to "see" the potential in all people you meet and befriend.