Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Major Praise and Possible Answer!

That's right friends! Yesterday's appointment with bigtime opthamolgist guy was a HUGE success and victory in the name of Jesus! I went expecting to hear the worst - possible blindness? Or I don't know what you have? What I heard: stop taking a medication that I have been on due to my hysterectomy. Turns out the hormone medication is what is possibly causing EVERYTHING- streaks,spots in vision, dizziness, headaches, nausea, confusion, etc. Those symptoms the doctor said are actually from a type of migraine which is caused by the medicine. SO I have stopped the medicine and will see an endocrinologist (hormone doctor) on Thursday. Praise Jesus for this information. I am still experiencing the symptoms and probably will for some time. If this doesn't turn out to be the answer, then I will just keep on seeking out more info. I am very hopeful though that this is it!

I know that most people don't talk about their hormone medication. But let's face it girls, those hormones are life ruiners sometimes! I am detailed about the medication in order to help someone that might be experiencing what I'm going through. Someone who didn't know that eye problems could be linked to migraines which is linked to medicine.

Of course I've gotten the "why did it take 15+ docs to come up with this?" from lots of people. But I don't care because I'm so happy that this might solve the problems I've been dealing with for 8 months! Funny I forgot to mention- that's when I started taking the medicine- in March! Wow. Hopefully the streaks will go away so I can start driving again. Thanks to everyone for their rides!

Another way of looking at everything is that God had me have crazy vision issues to bring me back to an opthomalogist so that they could perform the lensectomy and lens implant. See up until now I thought fixing dislocated lenses was impossible and too risky. But God showed me a doctor that had the latest technology to correct a problem that I'd always been told to deal with. Had I not been having the spaghetti vision I would have never gone in because I was tired of being studied in regards to the Ectopia Lentis en Pupillae.

Good stuff. That faith of a mustard seed really does work!


Ashley Sumners said...

That's so wonderful!!! It reminds me of the time that Jon was getting migraines because of the medicine he was taking every day... to prevent migraines! I'm SO GLAD they figured it out! I hope you get back behind that wheel soon!

Tina said...

So happy for you!!!

Wendy said...