Monday, October 13, 2008

Somebody call Sherlock Holmes!

My friends we are back in mysteryland. Today's appt w/ new neuro-- "newro" led to new diagnosis of "it's not MS". Not any lesions. For the extreme symptoms there should be lesions. Doesn't mean that I couldn't still possibly have MS lesions in the future, but for not now.
Back to square one? Sort of. Still waiting on test results of spinal tap (which sucked- literally! I needed that brain juice dang it!) and of my 21 tubes of blood which is probably still in some centrifuge in who knows where?.
What is this crazy thing I have? New dr had some ideas- paraneoplastic cancer or what I like to call "hide and seek cancer" or it could be mitachondrial diseases- good luck finding that! So where do I go from here? First I look up to the Lord who gives me calm and strength. We have decided to go to another neuro-opthamalogist. By the way, I used to be in spellng bees. I can't spell very well now and this bothers me to no end! I want my spelling back! So I go to the new neuro opth on Friday- but wait- I have my 2 eye surgeon appt tomorrow and then my lens replacement on Wed. Following me? I know. I don't either!!! This will bring the eye doctor total to- 8!!! I'm going to stop with the count. Who cares! Our car drifts to the medical center now on its own.
Seriously. I've got one question: Scurlock or Smith? The worse the problem the higher the floor! Dad's doctor was on the top floor... I am thankful for my Dad not being here to witness my silly conundrum. I am thankful he is living it up in heaven. He almost passed out when I broke my pinky toe in First grade at gymnastics on the trampoline! And to think he would and had endured the worst pain a person could have and my little bone breakings made him squeamish! Although for me when Leelah has a runny nose- I'm holding the kleenex up to the light whilst screaming- "IS IT GREEN!? IS IT GREEN!" So I guess I understand what parents go through now. Dad I sure miss you. He always said I should have a "sickly person belt" with kleenex, bandaids, and drugs attached to it.
He was the funniest human to ever live as most of you know!
Today Leelah asked me if a can (tomato sauce) was "Gigi's" which was my dad's granddad name. It always catches me off guard when she brings him up. My Dad use to drink ensure cans when he could no longer get food down. She still remembers that and thinks all food cans are for him. As much as my world stops and I want to just sit down and cry, God won't let me. I can't go down that road. Sometimes I do. My Dad was my bestest pal. I would put a hold on that relationship if it meant that he was no longer going to experience pain and that he would be with his Heavenly Father. Praise Jesus for his salvation. Friends, I'm not a scary Carrie's Mom zealot(Carrie Movie) type. I'm just someone excited about my future with both my Heavenly and earthly daddies.

So I thank you for your prayers yet again. Will be posting my crafts I've been working on... Oh yes. I love me some Joan on Decorating Cents!!!! Meanwhile, tell me your pick for Project Runway!!! I'm thinking Korto/Leanne. I love Kenley in theory- but that attitude! I am very excited to see her show though!!!


Tina said...

Girl, you know my picks! I like Kenley, but she needs a serious attitude adjustment. Korto!
Praying for you!

Ashley Sumners said...

You are amazing. You are the most positive person I have ever known. I'm glad you have your faith in God to help you through all this or you would lose your mind! Great to hear "not MS" but I'll continue praying for more "not bad somethings" until we find out what it is. Love you!