Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fabulously Arrr-some!!!

Thanks to Annette- I now have one of the coolest accessories that I will love forever and possibly considering being buried with it- A RHINESTONE EYE PATCH!!! Just in case y'all don't know Annette- she's the woman! This awesome friend of mine loves all things sparkly and I love her! I am blessed to have friends like her pick me up and bedazzle me with their wonderfulness.

Spinal Tap- This Friday
New neuro appt- Monday 13th
Eye surgery- Wed 15th

Also please keep a friend of ours Brandy Belue in your prayers as she will be having her baby boy Brooks this Friday!!


Ashley Sumners said...

It's perfectly awesomely you! Love it! Have I mentioned how cute that new picture of you at the top is? Probably, but I said it again.

Tina said...

Very cute. Nothing screams "Gillian" like a glittery eye patch. You are now complete!(ha ha)

Annette James said...

Hope it makes your surgery easier...Love you!