Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tomorrow big day!

Eye surgery tomorrow! Gotta be there @ 6:00 am! Nana and Poppa are coming to watch Leelah at 5:15- means they have to leave @ 3:30am- we love y'all thanks so much!

Saw the 2 surgeons today. The 2nd one (retina guy) says the scribbles, seaweed vision is most definitely something he can fix although the vitrectomy is NOT something I want to do, but will most likely have done being that I have 60 yr old eye problems and I'm 27. It's basically the gel in my eyes that's gone haywire. So THANK GOD FOR NEWS! We finally met someone who knew what the heck I've been talking about. Hey at least I made it this far with my eyes and they said I'd be blind at 19 yrs old back when I was young. We showed them! Bless my sweet mom's heart for driving me all over Fannin and for taking me to 5 offices in 3 hrs today!! She's my hero. Thanks to Courtney for watching Leelah today!

Will update on "As the Googly Eye Turns" later.... Please pray for the doctors, nurses, and everyone involved. Give those doctors wisdom to know what to do with the eye once they get in there. Pray that I will actually regain vision and for no complications. Thank you! God bless!


megandianne said...

you are always on my mind [sounds like a bad country song!] love you and your beautiful little family. i will be doing that praying thing!

Ashley Sumners said...

I will be praying as always! Love you!