Thursday, September 18, 2008

More MRI's

What's rectangular, enclosed, and full of buzzy sounds?! That's right, Gillian's favorite hang out spot: the MRI machine!!!

Today I had an MRI of my back and neck and a MRA of my brain, which is a look at the arteries inside the brain. I know - why have we not have that one done already? I get results from these next Thursday. Are you detecting a pattern here? Thursdays are let's order more tests days and not "results" so don't get too excited. Put down that huge magnifying glass and put away your plaid tweed hat, this mystery's still not solved!! Meanwhile, still having crazy spaghetti noodle vein vision and feeling all out of it (more than usual), but can walk and talk better. Also going to my 6th or 7th opthamologist to do even crazier eye tests this Monday. I can't tell you how many "Hmmm...s" I have heard once they look at my eyes. Seriously!? I mean what is going on in there a flea circus? I wanna see in there- my turn!

But first (Julie Chen until next season!) I am loving Leelah's sassy short haircut. She is so now. We also have a new project around here: Halloween costume! I'm super excited because Leelah told me she wanted to be a "Ladybug" yesterday only problem is that she thought I meant yesterday so I had to explain the concept of a calendar to her. It didn't take. It is a pretty simple idea and not too "out there and puns-y" but I knew the day when she would tell me what to put her in would come. Oh well. I really wanted to dress her up as Palin, as overdone as that would be!

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Ashley Sumners said...

Well good luck with all that, Ol' Crazy Eyes! We definitely need to see the new Leelah-cut. And I would totally vote for her to go as Palin. That would be amazing. But a ladybug would be a great second choice.