Monday, September 22, 2008

Freaky Deaky Eye Exams

Today was another day of dialation!!! But I'm getting used to it. Did have some pretty freaky deaky tests run though which FINALLY showed something! Praise God! Today they ran an ERG and a VER- passed the VER well which tested the optic nerve so that was good news! However the ERG which tested retina and brain stuff (not quite sure) showed my retina has stopped working on my left eye. Right eye- good! Left eye- bad. So next step is to meet up again with the neuro-opthmalogist to see what to do about that. If anything can be done. The retina is very "don't mess with me" in terms of eye mechanics. So we will see. The streaks in my eyes might be from the gel in my eyes coming loose- gross- and they will have to fix that with the surgery upcoming in October. This surgery might have to be tweaked with this new informaiton.

I'm happy. As long as I have some info! God has got my back! Will let you know how MRI/MRA tests turn out. I do think this was a huge breakthrough today. Of course my Mom - the proactive doer - says "Now what!?"

Much love and thanks for your friendship and prayers!!

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