Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Camera Suggestions Anyone?

We're in the market (right John?) for a new camera that's easy to use and takes clear, almost professional pictures. Please share with me your thoughts on what is good to look for or any cameras we should check out! We have our Kodak Easyshare which is super super easy, but doesn't take the best pics. Would appreciate any comments on this! Thanks!


Ashley Sumners said...

I LOVE my camera, but it was $800. It's a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. It's pretty big, but it takes excellent pictures. You might consider going a few steps down from that if you aren't wanting to spend that much money.
Here is the post I did with pictures from that camera from the zoo:
And a baby shower:
And some babies being born (not actually BEING born):
And some other random pictures:

So I obviously love my camera, but it took me about 6 months to save for it. That's my answer to your post.

Ashley Sumners said...

Sorry... I thought those would come through as links. I guess just copy and paste them.

Erin & Jens said...

Cameras??? Are you interested in a SLR (lens that mount on the outside) or a point & shoot camera? I agree with Ashley. The XTi is a good camera. I believe Mindee & Callie have this camera so you could talk to them as well. I don't know that much about point & shoot cameras if that is more your style, but could look at some options with you if you'd like.

*hey look - i remembered my password so now I can leave comments. At least for today.