Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Can't Believe We Have Power Again!

Thank the Lord we are with power! Thanks to Centerpoint for their huge efforts!! We were without power from Friday at 7:00pm (hmm.... storm hadn't even hit yet?) until today at around 2:00pm. What was it like living without ice, electricity, cold drinks (save, the ones from sweet Lesly's and Callie's houses), light at night, AIR CONDITIONING??? Not too bad really. I have absolutely no complaints. We were blessed to have only 5 shingles missing and just the power out. With the weather being so cool now- having no power was really not a big deal. I really didn't miss T.V.- note we did not make it to Wednesday- "Project Runway Night". I relished the time spent with John. That was probably my favorite part. We played Mad Gab every night by flourescent lantern. So things were good. We got to witness true sweetness by our awesome friends who loaned us their home and ice!

We are now praying for John's family's power to be restored! Granny is doing better after transitioning from bed to wheelchair which is great news! And our sweet nephew Ryan is 9 lbs!!!!

What I learned from Hurricane Ike:
I've learned that bloomers can also make great shorts/leg coverings for hot and savage toddlers.
The first hour is "cute" when you're in "survivor" mode and you make a "buff" out of a kitchen placemat.
The 48th hour of where is my flashlight so I can use the restroom is NOT "cute".
Generators (which we didn't purchase) make your neighborhood sound like "a lawnmower".
Buy a $10 tent at Academy for a toddler and they don't care if you have electricity or schmelectricity.
You can still have brain problems with no power.
Waiting in line an hour for Taco Cabana can be fun and you meet new friends!
I like books!
It's fun to make "This house is armed (mas muerte)!" signs to post on your daughter's window to prevent burglarizations. Hey we had to leave windows open 24/7 and I was a little paranoid!
Matches also light candles.

See pics for Hurricane Hilarity! And Leelah on her bike.

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