Monday, September 8, 2008

Leelah's First Day

Leelah went to her first day at preschool/mother's day out today! It was a great day for her and we LOVE her little school. Even though I was wobbly and stuttering (people probably thought bad things) I made sure I went and sent my baby off for a day of play! She loved it and her shoes were evidence. Note to self: Self, don't take shoes off indoors after child has been playing in sand all day... Our Roomba will never be the same...

Medical update- more MRIS this time of "enlarged pituitary gland". Will get my results on Thursday. Meanwhile, having trouble walking, talking, seeing, etc. Hey, I'm almost 30! Teasing of course. Don't hate post! Okay go ahead. Somebody post something! Will also see awesome cardiologist that saved Father-in-law's life (PRAISE JESUS!)tomorrow to see where he would send me or what to do. Meanwhile, still have not had Freebirds burrito intake.

Please keep John's Granny in your prayers as well as John's Mom, Carol and John's sister Amy.

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Ashley Sumners said...

Yay first day of school! Yeah, watch out. Those shoes can hold all kinds of things. When I taught first grade, the kids would all gather around the trash can EVERY DAY when we came in from the playground to dump the rocks out of their shoes. I don't know how any rocks were still on the playground.
I hope Awesome Doctor Man can figure out your craziness! And I also hope you get your Freebirds soon. My parents are coming to visit me in a few weeks and I was thinking about the idea of them bringing me a Freebird from the one in Fort Worth. That'd be great, as I want one all of the time.